Rubbing Alcohol: Cleaning Tips for your Workspace

Sharon’s Cleaning Tips

Five tips for cleaning those annoying issues around your office! Do you have ink on your favorite shirt, or sticker gunk on your desk, a dirty dry erase board and blinds or a germ filled laptop? We came across a blog by “” who posted these rubbing alcohol uses and wanted to share them with you!

Ink Stains First, you wore your favorite shirt to the office and you look down and notice a slash of ink across the sleeve. What do you do? Soak the item in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes and toss in  the washer.

Sticker Gunk Put a little rubbing alcohol on the sticker prior to peeling it off. Once it sits for about 8-10 minutes it should peel right off.

Dry Erase Board Put some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spritz a little on the board then wipe away with a paper towel.

Blind Cleaning A small tool with a flat edge can be wrapped in a white cleaning towel with a rubber band to secure. Dip in rubbing alcohol and start cleaning!

Disinfect Laptops Laptop keys can be such a germ filled area! Place a dab of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe each key gently.

We’ve been busy completing some of these tasks for our clients this spring!  Some of us are busy working may not notice some of these work space issues. Let us pay attention to your cleaning needs! Give us a call!

At Fresh Approach Cleaning Professionals LLC our goal is to increase the productivity of our clients’ workplace by personally and quietly working behind the scenes.





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