Tips for Office Electronic Cleaning

Office workstationSharon’s Cleaning Tips

Hi there! We ran across some great tips from Good on how to spring clean those office electronics. They get used so frequently but they are often the most overlooked item in the office when spring cleaning occurs.

Read on to see what we discovered!

First, this hopefully goes without saying, but never spray directly onto your computer screen. The best tool we find for many uses, is the microfiber towel. Just wipe down the screen top of your laptops or office desktop.

Also, many of clients often eat at their desks. So, a good idea would be to dump out your keyboard weekly to avoid
wet crumbs getting trapped.

Thirdly, many of our clients also have a television in a common area of the office. However, a wonderful convenience for break time. Many hands are touching that remote!!!! Wipe it down once a week with a disinfecting wipe to keep germs at bay!!!

Here at Fresh Approach we hope these tips are helpful to keep your offices healthy and clean! Call us if you desire any assistance with some of these tasks!


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