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8 Ways Lemons Can Clean Up Your Business

Sharon’s Cleaning Tips

Lemons have more uses than to make you pucker! Lemons are a multi-purpose fruit, more than just for making lemonade or flavoring up your food.

Did you know that lemons can help sanitize, keeping areas of your business clean and smelling fresh?

  • Deodorize your garbage. Once every couple of weeks toss some lemon peels at the bottom of your garbage can under the bags to keep this area fresher smelling.
  • Whiten clothes. If you use linens in your business and need to keep them white, add a cup of lemon juice to the washer for “whiter” whites.
  • Clean the gunk from under the nails. When your employees are working in grungy areas it’s hard to keep it from getting under the nails. Keep lemons on hand; they can use ½ of a lemon and a cup of warm water to soak their hands in for 5 minutes to help get rid of the dirt.
  • Clean tarnished chrome, brass or stainless steel. Using a paste of lemon juice and salt, coat the areas you want to clean. Leave it for 5 minutes then use warm water to wash and rinse. Polish it up to make it sparkle just like new again!
  • Make your laundry detergent work more effectively. If you wash any kind of linens or work-related clothing, try this. Add a cup of lemon juice to the washer during the wash cycle. The lemon juice helps to remove rust and mineral discolorations from cotton materials and gives the items a lemon-fresh smell.
  • Get rid of mildew stains. Lemon juice can also help get rid of any mildew stains on your work-related attire. Using a paste of lemon juice and salt, rub it on the stain and let it dry (in the sunlight if possible).
  • Clean plastic containers. Ever notice smells coming from the plastic-ware you use? Soak these containers in a mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and water to make your plastic containers smell fresh again.
  • Clean the microwave. Most work places have a microwave in the break room for employees to use and cleaning it can get neglected. Here’s a quick fix: mix some lemon juice in a bowl of water then microwave on high for 5 minutes. After you remove the bowl, you can easily wipe off the softened food from the walls, top and bottom. (Remember, use a microwave-safe container!)

At Fresh Approach Cleaning Professionals LLC our goal is to increase the productivity of our clients’ workplace by personally and quietly working behind the scenes.

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