Going Gree_Recycle

5 Ways to Go Green in the Break Room


We like to be “green” and, when possible, recycle and re-use things. So, here’s five ways to make your break room just a little greener!

  1. Drink Clean. Give your employees something good to drink. Use a water filtration pitcher or attach one to the faucet in the breakroom instead of buying bottled water or drinking tap water. No need to recycle those plastic bottles; this is a much greener alternative, saving you money in the long run!
  2. Use a low-flow aerator. This is an easy way to cut your water usage and it won’t affect your water pressure either. An aerator with a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute or less can potentially save from 1.4 to 2.7 gallons of water each day.
  3. Load up the Dishwasher. Did you realize a dishwasher actually uses less water than hand-washing? Best practice is to run it when it is full on the most efficient setting. Another green tip: use a dishwashing or soap without phosphates and chlorine.
  4. Store food in glass containers. Yes, plastic is recyclable; however plastic containers are made from petroleum which is a nonrenewable resource. So, educate your employees to break out the glass, ceramic, or stainless steel containers when bringing their lunch or a dish for that next gathering. And, skip the plastic wrap and aluminum foil; use containers with lids.
  5. Make recycling convenient. Make sure your employees know what will be recycled and then make it easy for them by labeling bins for different things such as glass, plastic, metal, and paper.

At Fresh Approach Cleaning Professionals LLC our goal is to increase the productivity of our clients’ workplace by personally and quietly working behind the scenes.

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