Repurposing Dryer Sheets

How to Repurpose Dryer Sheets

Sharon’s Cleaning Tips

Ever have those used dryer sheets floating around? Stuck between your clean linens? What do you do with them? Most people throw them in the trash.

At Fresh Approach Cleaning Professionals LLC, we like to be “green” and, when possible, recycle and re-use things. So, here’s some uses for those dryer sheets..

  1. Working outdoors? Keep a used dryer sheet in your pocket. Dryer sheets contain both linalool and beta-citronella, both of which will help keep bugs, especially those darn mosquitoes, away.
  2. Ever get ready for a presentation or meeting and find you have high-water pants because of static cling? Rub the underside of your pant leg and your sock or leg with a dryer sheet to eliminate the cling.
  3. Smelly vacuum cleaner? That’s an easy fix! Just put a dryer sheet in the vacuum bag and your vacuum will quickly have a much fresher smell. (Bonus! It will also make all your rooms smell fresher, too.)
  4. Offensive odors in the house or office? Accidents happen. People get sick and throw up. Pets of all kinds take a poop. Used dryer sheets to the rescue! Place a few where the accident occurred and sprinkle with coffee grounds. Leave this overnight and by morning the smell should be gone.
  5. Time to clean paintbrushes? Soak your brushes  in a sink or bucket full of warm water and a dryer sheet. After a few hours it will be easy to clean the paint off the brushes.
  6. Who likes to clean bathrooms? Used dryer sheets come in handy to remove soap scum from shower doors, polish up your chrome fixtures or clean that toilet ring (gone in one swipe!).
  7. Hate to buy those Swiffer refills? Those used dryer sheets work just as well, picking up the dust and ick from your floors.

These are just 7 uses for used dryer sheets; trust me, I can give you many other ways on how to use them in cleaning office and commercials spaces. Or, just call me to talk about how we can take care of your cleaning needs for you.

At Fresh Approach Cleaning Professionals LLC, our goal is to increase the productivity of our clients’ workplace by personally and quietly working behind the scenes.

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